Lucie Foundation Programs

The Lucie Foundation offers a variety of programs to support our three-tiered mission:

  • Honor master photographers
  • Discover & cultivate emerging talent
  • Promote the appreciation of Photography worldwide

The Lucie Awards

The Lucie Awards is the annual gala ceremony honoring the greatest achievements in photography. The photography community from countries around the globe will pay tribute to the most outstanding photography achievements presented at the Gala Awards ceremony. Each year, the Advisory Board nominates deserving individuals across a variety of categories who will be honored during the Lucie Awards ceremony.


The Lucie Lecture Series

The East and West Coast Lucie Lecture Series features world-renowned, master photographers who have received or will receive Lucie Awards during the annual gala ceremony. The West Coast Lucie Lecture Series will take place during the Month of Photography Los Angeles and the East Coast Lecture Series takes place the days leading up to the Annual Lucie Awards Cremony. Previous lectues have included Taryn Simon, John H. White, Melvin Sokolsky, Herman Leonard, Albert Watson, Richard Misrach and Graciela Iturbide.


The Lucie Technical Awards

The Lucie Technical Awards aim to honor the large and small companies, as well as the individuals who have advanced the photographic industry in a given year. All-inclusive, these awards intend to encompass such things as cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories, to papers, printers, inks, and software and more. The Lucie Technical Awards is the newest initiative of the prestigious Lucie Awards.


Lucie Limited Editions

The Lucie Limited Editions are limited edition posters made by master photographers recognized at The Lucie Awards. These Lucie Honorees represent some of the most important photographers of the 21st century.


Lucie Photo Book Prize

The Lucie Photo Book Prize is a juried competition open to a diversity of submissions – from published to prototype to hand-made books.  The awards are presented to photographers, editors, curators or publishers  who have created such projects anywhere in the world within the last 24 months of our public call. The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer two cash prizes to the top two finalists for their outstanding work – one Traditional $3,000 cash prize and one Independent $2,000 cash prize. The Lucie Photo Book Prize coincides with the Lucie Foundation’s programming in New York City in the fall, which includes the prestigious Lucie Awards, Lucie Technical Awards and our sister-effort, the International Photography Awards Best of Show.  


Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA)

MOPLA champions photography on the Left Coast of the United States. A comprehensive, city-wide, collaborative effort that brings together media partners, galleries, institutions and museums in celebration of the photographic form. From outdoor building projections, artist talks and lectures, to exhibitions and screenings, MOPLA provides a platform for the enthusiast, emerging photographers and seasoned, master shooters. MOPLA’s inaugural year launched in April of 2009. To learn more, please click here.



Photographers make images. Visionaries teach you how to see. The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent and professionals with vision, with dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. Through the Lucie Scholarship, a grant of $5,000 will be awarded to a professional photographer at work on a specific, dynamic project, as well as a grant of $2,500 to an emerging professional (student, graduate, or beginning professional) working on a portfolio or a proposed project. Our support of photography is broad, from photojournalism to fashion photography, digital to medium format, including every other category and subcategory. Our concern isn’t with genre, but rather to support emerging visionaries producing work that is at once gripping, and original.