At a pivotal moment in our history, Lucie Foundation and Minor Matters are launching Lucie Witness, to see the United States today through the eyes of our youth.

Project Description

Lucie Witness elevates and centers the vision of American youth, engaging regional organizations dedicated to young photographers such as SALT/NYC, Youth In Focus/ Seattle, First Exposures/San Francisco, and Las Fotos/Los Angeles to present a representative, equitable cross-section of our population.


To foster intergenerational conversations between youth visionaries of the future and current icons of the medium, building a shared understanding of the power of communicating through images.
To highlight regional organizations teaching photography to our youth
Connect young people to the history and future of photography through a book featuring their work and the words of masters of photography
Draw national attention to the work of youth photographers and the institutions supporting their visual knowledge

Lucie Witness will be the catalyst to showcase the vision, hopes and dreams of youth photographers across America by bringing together many regional organizations and highlighting their constituents’ stories nationally.

In addition, Lucie Witness will facilitate an intergenerational dialogue between young image makers and icons of the medium—the Lucie masters of photography. A book produced by Minor Matters will be an enduring platform for the vision, truths and voices of today’s youth, and the power of photography.


Lucie Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, recognize current photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. The foundation presents year-round programming to support emerging photographers through the Lucie Scholarship Program and master photographers through The Lucie Awards. Other programs include The Lucie Technical Awards (LTA), exhibitions, talks and workshops, The Lucie Photo Book Prize, and The Story Behind the Image photographer talks and presentations.

The Lucie Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation.


Founded in 2013, Minor Matters is a collaborative publishing platform, making books through the engagement of our international audience. We highlight underrepresented voices in contemporary art, and preserve our present for the future through publishing their work. At Minor Matters, we recognize that significant art and ideas may stay on the fringes without the support of a community. Like us. With you. Everyone who buys our books in pre-sales is listed as a co-publisher—we’re making books together.

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