Lucie Scholarship Program

Photographers make images. Visionaries teach you how to see. The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent with vision and dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. Our support of photography is broad, from Fine Art to Documentary and Photojournalism, to digital and film-based works. Our concern is to support emerging photographers producing work that is at once gripping, and original.

The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer three cash grants to support the work of emerging photographers – one $2,500 scholarship with an open theme and two $1000 scholarships for photographers working in the fields of Fine Art or Documentary/Photojournalism.


Who Can Apply:

The Lucie Emerging Scholarships are open to emerging photographers 18 years and older, worldwide.  We define “emerging” as any photographer enrolled as a student, in the first five years of their photography career, or does not earn the majority of their income from photography.

What is Required to Apply:

Please read the following information carefully to make sure your application material is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered:

1. Project Proposal. This proposal should include the following:

-Project Start and End Dates

-250 Word Description of your project

-Your Plan for completing the project (i.e. how you intend to approach the project and how you intend to use the scholarship money)

-Five Goals that you plan to accomplish while working on the project (e.g. producing 20 new images, making 5 prints, etc.).

2. A one-page biography and/or CV

3. Twenty digital images. 

Use & Ownership:

The photographer must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of photos entered in to the competition. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. Any photograph used by Lucie Foundation shall carry the photographer’s credit line.


Is there a limit to the number of scholarship applications per artist?

No, you may submit as many applications as you would like.

Can I submit the same project to two different scholarships?

Yes, you may submit the same project to two different scholarships but please consider the specific genres to which the scholarships are offered when submitting your application(s).

What images should I submit?

Please upload 20 digital images from the existing project that you are proposing to continue.

If you have not yet started your proposed project, upload 20 digital images from a previous cohesive project and make a note of this in your proposal.

If you have some finished images but not a full 20, please supplement with images from a previous cohesive project and make a note of this in your proposal.

How should I prepare my files?

Please prepare your files according to the specifications below.

    • JPG only. (NO TIF, GIF, PNG, PDF files will be accepted.)
    • 72 DPI
  • No file should exceed 2mb

Can I send print materials, books or CD’s?

No, Lucie Foundation accepts online submissions only.

When will the shortlist and recipients be announced? 

Shortlists Announced: July 15, 2019

Recipients Announced:  July 31, 2019

How will I know if I was selected? 

If you were selected for the shortlist or as a recipient, you will be contacted directly through the email which you provided in the submission form. The shortlist and recipients will also be announced via the Lucie Foundation newsletter, website, and social media.