Our Mission

The Lucie Foundation’s mission is three-tiered

  • Honor Master Photographers
  • Discover and Cultivate Emerging Talent
  • Promote the Appreciation of Photography Worldwide

Honor Master Photographers


The Lucie Awards

The Lucie Awards is the annual gala ceremony that celebrates master photographers and their contributions to the field of photography. Honorees are determined each year by the Lucie Awards Advisory Board, and pre-announced, in the following areas:

  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Achievement in Advertising
  • Achievement in Fine Art
  • Achievement in Documentary
  • Achievement in Fashion
  • Achievement in Photojournalism
  • Achievement in Sports
  • Achievement in Portraiture
  • Humanitarian Award & Visionary Award (these awards rotate each year)
  • Spotlight Award
  • Double Exposure Award presented to an artist/photographer who has mastered multiple disciplines of creative expression.

For more information, please visit www.lucies.org


Discover and Cultivate Emerging Talent


Discovery of the Year Award

The International Photography Awards is an annual, juried competition that is open to all photographers, both professional and non-professional, worldwide. Through the competition, three top honors are provided, one of which is The Discovery of the Year. This non-professional, emerging talent, stands out as tomorrow’s bright star of the photography. This individual is given the title of Discovery of the Year, a $5,000 cash prize and the Lucie statue.

For more information about the IPA, please visit www.photoawards.com


The Lucie Scholarship Program

Photographers make images. Visionaries teach you how to see. The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent with vision and dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. Our support of photography is broad, from Fine Art to Documentary and Photojournalism, to digital and film-based works. Our concern is to support emerging photographers producing work that is at once gripping, and original.

The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer three cash grants to support the work of emerging photographers – one $2,500 scholarship with an open theme and two $1000 scholarships for photographers working in the fields of Fine Art or Documentary/Photojournalism.

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Fresh Look Portfolio Reviews

The Lucie Portfolio Reviews will provide the opportunity for photographers to have their portfolios reviewed by important decision makers in the industry, from consultants to editors, art buyers to curators and gallerists, in addition to esteemed photographers. This unique opportunity allows Lucie members and the general public the opportunity to fine-tune their portfolios and receive critical feedback to their work. Foundation members receive priority registering. Fresh Look takes place during The Month of Photography Los Angeles.



SNAPSHOP! aims to cultivate the photographic minds of the future and provide the opportunities for high school students to acquire skills that might not be readily available to them in their schools or communities. SNAPSHOP! pairs high school students with established photographers who will impart practical, technical and aesthetic knowledge on crafting a photographic image. Typically, SNAPSHOP! occurs during The Month of Photography Los Angeles and has grown from a one-Saturday event to a four-Saturday workshop culminating in the exhibition of the students work.

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Promote the Appreciation of Photography Worldwide


The Lucie Lecture Series

The East and West Coast Lucie Lecture Series features world-renowned, master photographers who have received or will receive Lucie Awards during the annual gala ceremony. The West Coast Lucie Lecture Series will take place during the Month of Photography Los Angeles and the East Coast Lecture Series takes place the days leading up to the Annual Lucie Awards Ceremony. Please click here for more information.


Month of Photography Los Angeles

The Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) was established and exists to advance the celebration of Photography, through a variety of events and programs designed to inspire and invigorate the photography professional, enthusiast, emerging professional and collector.

In April 2009, the inaugural Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) was introduced to showcase the enormous photography community, inclusive of commercial, fine art and photojournalism. As the second largest photography community in the United States, Los Angeles will provide a distinctive backdrop to the celebration of the photographic image. The Month of Photography Los Angeles presents a comprehensive program of photography exhibitions, discussions and projections.

For more information, please visit www.monthofphotography.com