The Lucie Foundation hosts intimate conversations, online and live, including a series of talks called “The Story behind the Image”. These talks promote the appreciation of photography and further the understanding that images can impact social change and our world.


Visually Storytelling with Documentary Photography


Photography is a proven way to document what you see around you. Documentary photography is the approach that lends a distinctive eye for storytelling through every step of the creative process. Join photographer Josh Katz for a crash course on honing this approach from planning a shoot to editing your photos. You’ll see how you can create create images— even with your mobile phone.


During this session Josh will show you how to:

  • Find compelling subjects to document
  • Build narrative into your photo series
  • Create beautiful images with your smartphone
  • Edit your work with Lightroom Mobile
  • Develop your editing style
  • Integrate presets for an efficient editing workflow
  • Share your work to drive impact

Josh Katz is a photographer, photography educator, and sponsored skateboarder living in Brooklyn, NY. He creates digital photography courses, leads workshops and makes videos for Canon, teaches Lightroom for Adobe, and shoots YouTube videos about photography.

With the help of a viral Kickstarter campaign, his first photo book, ‘On the Roof: New York in Quarantine’, will be published by Thames & Hudson in November. Josh is donating 100% of his profits to Doctors Without Borders.

Thank you to our partner Adobe for collaborating with us on Lucie Witness.


The Lucie Foundation is proud to present a Live Zoom Conversation with

Aldeide Delgado

WOPHA Founder and Director, Latinx Art Historian and Curator

Deborah Willis, Ph.D.

Artist and University Professor and Chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging at New York University – Tisch School of the Arts

and Maggie Steber

Award-Winning Documentary Photographer and Lucie Honoree

Aldeide Delgado will monitor this live conversation exploring the artists’ creative practice including recent projects, academic work, and feminist practice.

The conversation takes place in the lead up to the first-ever WOPHA Congress: Women, Photography, and Feminisms at which worldwide organizations of women photographers, internationally-recognized art historians, curators, and artists from more than 15 countries, including Steber and Willis, will convene in Miami on November 18–19, 2021 to build upon and better represent the history and contributions of women photographers from the 19th century to date.



The Lucie Foundation is proud to host a Live Zoom Conversation with Antwaun Sargent & Christoph Wiesner


Antwaun Sargent is the author of the The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion published by Aperture, winner of the Lucie Photo Book Prize, Traditional Category.

Christoph Wiesner, Director of The Rencontres d’Arles, will be moderating the conversation with Antwaun speaking about his book as well as the upcoming exhibition at The Rencontres d’Arles this summer.

– – –

“The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion presents fifteen artists, whose vibrant portraits and conceptual images fuse the genres of art and fashion photography in ways that break down long-established boundaries. Their work has been widely consumed in traditional lifestyle magazines, ad campaigns, and museums, as well as on their individual social-media channels, reinfusing the contemporary visual vocabulary around beauty and the body with new vitality and substance. The images open up conversations around the roles of the black body and black lives as subject matter; collectively, they celebrate black creativity and the cross-pollination between art, fashion, and culture in constructing an image. Seeking to challenge the idea that blackness is homogenous, the works serve as a form of visual activism. It’s a perspective often seen from this loose movement of emerging talents, who are creating photography in vastly different contexts—New York and Johannesburg, Lagos and London. The results—often made in collaboration with black stylists and fashion designers—present new perspectives on the medium of photography and the notions of race and beauty, gender and power.” – text from 

– – –

Live Conversation:

If you missed the live conversation, please find the recorded version below. Thanks!

lucie impact awards 2020

The Lucie Foundation and its Board of Advisors are  proud to announce the Lucie Impact Award Winners 2020

Fabio Bucciarelli receives The Lucie Professional Impact Award for his coverage  of Covid-19, First Wave Coverage, Italy
(New York Times, “We Take the Dead From Morning Till Night”},
and Malike Sidibe receives the Lucie Emerging Impact Award for his photography of the George Floyd’s protests in New York City
(Time Magazine,  “I Couldn’t Just Sit and Watch.’ Photographing New York City’s George Floyd Protests”.
– – –
Images today matter. Photography, with its power to
inform and to bring intellectual and emotional
understanding to complex issues, plays a pivotal role as
a contemporary social witness.
Lauren Wendle
President, Lucie Foundation

In 2018 the Lucie Impact Award honored John Moore for his work on immigration. His powerful image on the cover of Time Magazine, of a Honduran child clinging to her mother’s legs, humanized the plight of separated families seeking asylum at our borders. Although family separation had been going on for some time, this seminal image mobilized the nation. In 2019 Tyler Hicks received the Lucie Impact award for the Image of Amal Hussain, a young Yemeni girl who died at the age of 7. Hicks, while working for the NY Times on a story of the Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War, took that image, which drew international attention to the country’s plight. These images make a difference as they bring awareness to issues and influence policies.

Live Conversation

On January 28th at 5PM EST there will be a live Zoom Presentation featuring
The Lucie Impact Award Honorees Fabio Bucciarelli and Malike Sidibe in conversation.

This conversation will be moderated by, Andrew Katz, Deputy Director of Photography, TIME

If you missed the live conversation, please click below to watch the recorded conversation and presentation below. 
Learn More & Watch the Conversation


The Lucie Foundation’s mission is to promote the appreciation and understanding of photography.  In that vein, we are proud to share the courageous stories behind the thought-provoking images in our world, “The Story Behind the Image”.
We also are excited to share the stories of our Lucie Awards Honorees in a video series.  These stories will give both photography lovers and avid news consumers an opportunity to truly understand the impact an image has on social change and our world.  Some of these photographers risk their lives to tell the truth and share their vision.  It is a privilege to learn more about what it took to get these images and what was happening behind the scenes.
We hope you enjoy learning about these images as much as we do.

Please click below to watch Stephanie Sinclair, John Moore, and Natalie Keyssar speak about their Story Behind the Image. 

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