14 Dec huicholesdeltabaco_CesarR17

Abelardo is 6 years old, he can not speak or walk very well. His father says “ He was born bad, he cannot walk or talk well”. Adding all of this, his father took him to a doctor and was diagnosed with malnutrition in grade 2.
According to the UN, in Mexico about 45% of child laborers have some degree of malnutrition. In Nayarit, 7% of these children have malnutrition in grade 3. In this state of malnutrition, the body weight is 60% lower than expected for their age and height, the growth rate is very slow and children suffer from anemia and diarrhea. In addition to cellular functions, it also affects the thermogenesis, which is the body’s ability to produce heat, so they are in imminent danger of dying.
Abelardo´s family doesn’t have the resources to have a healthy diet, their diet at the tobacco fields consists mostly of tortillas, beans, coke, instant soups and some fruit that people give them.