Lucie Fine Art Photo Print Subscription

Get a chance to become a part of the historical Lucie Foundation Fine Art Photo collection box!


Each year Lucie Foundation chooses 50 collectors to be part of its Fine Art Photo Box Subscription. Bi-annually subscribers will receive a box of 20 surprise original prints signed and numbered by the photographers on the back of each print.

You could have your work included in this exclusive collection and be connected to established and start-up collectors around the world!

Each year, our curator will select 40 photographs from the list of photographers who have registered to be part of the Fine Art Photo Box collection. If you’re interested to be part of this exclusive collection and would like to be put on the list, please contact us here.


More Details

– A limited group of 50 subscribers around the world will pay a yearly fee of 1800 USD and they will receive 40 prints from various photographers–20 prints each 6 months–selected by a renowned curator.
– The revenue from sales of the print box will go to benefit Lucie Foundation and participating photographers.
– The selected photographers’ obligation is to provide Lucie Foundation with 50 signed archival pigment prints of a photograph to be selected from their portfolio by the print box curator. The Lucie Foundation will pay for the shipment of the signed work from anywhere in the world to Los Angeles, where the print boxes are produced. The eventual proceeds each photographer receives are expected to cover the expenses of printing – but this is not guaranteed and payments will be processed as the subscriptions are sold each year.
– The collectors have no prior knowledge or control of the selected artists. It is at the sole discretion of the curator which photographs will be included in each box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any photographer participate in Lucie Fine Art Photo Print Subscription?

Any photographer with award-winning images can submit their work to be considered, but the final decision rests with the curator which images or photographers’ work will be included.

I am represented by a gallery. Will this conflict with my gallery sales?

We encourage you to provide us with prints that aren’t distributed through your galleries. The provided print will be a unique edition created specifically for the Lucie Foundation and it shouldn’t be part of your normal edition. Additionally, we would produce the collection in a size of 12 x 16″ which is less commonly shown in galleries.

Will having my photograph included in this box add value to my work?

Absolutely! You want to be part of this collection for two main reasons:

  • To be included in this exclusive collaborative work and be part of the collections of major subscribers. The greatest incentive to participate is the exposure you will gain to collectors and gallerists who purchase these Limited Edition Print Boxes.
  • Since this is a limited edition series that you had created for Lucie Foundation the collective value of this box of prints will increase in years to come and will give you great exposure as major auction houses and collectors will acquire the work.

How/when will I get paid?

Lucie Foundation cannot provide advance payments to photographers. You will be paid after the annual subscription fees are collected.