Astor Morgan

Astor Morgan, returning to the SNAPSHOP! program for a fourth time, is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in Advertising and Celebrity photography.
Astor has been working in the photo industry for 20 years.  Astor’s appreciation of the visual arts was born while growing up between the two colorful cultures of southern Louisiana and Sicily, Italy.  Astor’s images have been published and featured worldwide on movie posters, ad campaigns, CD covers, magazines, television and film.  Astor has had the pleasure of working with an array of legendary artists, actors, and musicians.

Astor has helped to educate and inspire photography students through numerous classes, workshops, and seminars.   Through various silent auctions, print and book sales, Astor’s work has helped to raise money for several deserving organizations such as City of Hope, The Pediatric Aids Foundation, Amnesty International, The Aftermath Project, weSpark, and Compassionate Eye Foundation.  Astor’s images are regularly recognized with awards from the International Photography Awards and the American Graphic Design Awards.

Astor thoroughly enjoys working with SNAPSHOP! students sharing his enthusiasm and love of photography as an art form, a career and a hobby.