Open Call – In Isolation



The Lucie Foundation is proud to present its second Open Call in partnership with Musée Magazine and Sony. This Open Call features 40 photographers from around the world in four categories: Portrait, Documentary, Fine Art and Landscape.


The 10 photographers featured in the Fall 2020 issue of Musée Magazine are:

Snezhana von Büdingen (portrait), Jim Eyre & Natalie Christensen (landscape), Jim Krantz (portrait), Anna Malgina (portrait), Monia Marchionni (portrait), Aly Song (documentary), Marvin Systermans & Raisa Galofre (portrait), F.Dilek Uyar (documentary), Eddy Verloes (fine art), and Devin Yalkin (documentary).

Congratulations to Snezhana von Büdingen (Cologne, Germany), winner of the Sony camera and lens for her portrait titled Sofie with her mother Barbara.









Thank you to our partner Sony for their contribution and generosity.




F.Dilek Uyar / Ankara, Turkey

Aly Song / Shanghai, China

Devin Yalkin / Brooklyn, NY, USA

Yulia Grigoryants / Yerevan, Armenia

Alexandra Dinca / Saint-Etienne, France

Louise Amelie & Aljaz Fuis / Berlin, Germany

Md. Iqbal Hossain / Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bruno Alencastro / Três Coroas, Brazil

Sarah Pabst / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Florence Goupil / Lima, Peru


Snezhana von Büdingen / Cologne, Germany

Anna Malgina / Pordenone, Italy

Jim Krantz / Los Angeles, CA USA

Monia Marchionni / San Giorgio, Italy

Marvin Systermans & Raisa Galofre / Barranquilla, Colombia

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan / Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nikola Tamindzic / New York, NY USA

Sara Camporesi  Forlì, Italy

Aline Smithson / Los Angeles, CA USA

Dellfina Dellert & Luka Lukasiak / Warsaw, Poland

Documentary Category
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Portrait Gallery
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Fine Art

Eddy Verloes / Boutersem, Belgium

Mieke Douglas / London, UK

Gavin Smart / Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Carlo Pettinelli / Rome, Italy

John Wright / Billericay, UK

Angelika Kollin / Cape Town, South Africa

Bradly Dever Treadaway / Brooklyn, NY USA

Ruben Tomas / Los Angeles, CA USA

Alp Peker / İzmir, Turkey

Ioanna Natsikou / Berlin, Germany

Fine Art Gallery
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Natalie Christensen and Jim Eyre / Jim Eyre, UK and Natalie Christensen, USA

Laura Hedien / Grayslake, IL USA

Matthew Portch / Melbourne, Australia

Ina Otzko / Sandnessjøen, Norway

Meg Roussos / Bainbridge Island, WA USA

Sossi Madzounian / Tarzana, California USA

Ryan Bakerink / Chicago, IL USA

Mark Benham / Bath, UK

Sharon Harkness / Santa Barbara, CA USA

Christopher Burns / Baton Rouge, LA USA

Landscape Gallery
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Maggie Steber

Documentary Photographer, member of VII Photo Agency

Gerd Ludwig

Documentary Photographer, National Geographic

Andrea Blanch

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Musée Magazine

“One of the great things about judging a competition during this shut down period is that it’s like taking a walk and getting to see a large number of things you wouldn’t get to see on any regular walk. That is the case with the Lucie  Foundation photo competition entitled In Isolation: You, Me, We…. because you suddenly feel so very liberated and that, indeed, we are in this together.” – Maggie Steber, Juror



“I was impressed with the high quality of entries—it was hard to judge with so many wonderful images. I enjoyed the diversity of styles and perspectives represented, and was personally drawn to images that had a strong emotional quality, in which photographers shared their passion and communicated their very personal point of view.” – Gerd Ludwig, Juror

This Open Call is in partnership with Musée Magazine and Sony.