Brian Sanderson

Brian Sanderson’s interest in the “shifting meaning” of objects comes naturally through his interest in religious studies/philosophy and photography/printmaking. He holds degrees in Religious Studies (Stanford University and Harvard Divinity School) and the Fine Arts (Cranbrook Academy of Art). For twelve years he taught printmaking and photography at Cal State University Long Beach, including Photo Processes for Printmaking, Experimental Photography, and Alternative Photo Processes. In recent years he has photographed the fashion collection at the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles and has had his work included in Fabulous! Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acquisitions, 2000-2010, with nearly 300 photographs, Hippie Chic, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Luxury: A Rich History, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Brian continues to love the magical ways in which our objects hold sway over us and our self-concept.