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Over the years, Lucie has turned into one of the largest non-profit photography organizations in the world. By using FotoShouts email campaign, you can promote your event or news to the list of our active and engaged subscribers. All of Lucie’s 52,000 subscribers have agreed to receive emails from us about photography related news.

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We have spent over 15 years to build this exclusive and trustful relationship with our subscribers, and now you can benefit from it too! We constantly clean our list from inactive and bounced emails and regularly update it with fresh addresses.

Ensured by the high level of trust from our subscribers, Lucie campaigns can demonstrate outstanding over-the-industry-benchmark open and click rates.

Our marketing team utilizes the latest email testing tools to deliver emails straight to subscribers’ inboxes. Lucie email campaigns are responsive and displayed well on both mobile devices and computer screens.

Precisely targeted, powerful lists

Meet our audience:

 52 000

Professional Photographers, Photography PR, Gallerists, and Art Collectors

Global reach

You can reach professionals in the following top 10 countries. More than 2/3 of the list are US-based professionals.

Featured Placement in Monthly Newsletter

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You can purchase a placement in our monthly newsletter.

Our newsletter is delivered once a month to our Full Email list: over 52,000 Photography and Creative Professionals.

To ensure the brand image consistency of the Foto Shouts and deliver high-level content quality to our subscribers, we require our advertisers provide us with the following information and materials.

– 1 Image: 575 width

– Headline: up to 35 characters

– Sub-headline: up to 45 characters

– Text: up to 500 characters

– Link to your site

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Additional Benefits

Your message stays visible on our site

All messages delivered by Foto Shouts will stay visible on the Foto Shouts News directory online. This way your messages will enjoy a longer exposure and provide traffic to your site after the end of the email campaign.

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