14 Dec huicholesdeltabaco_CesarR19

Yá” or tobacco in the Wixarica lenguage.
The culture of the Wixarikas(or Huicholes) is one of the cultures with more prehispanic traditions than catholic ones in Mexico. They are an ethnic group that still holds many ancestral rites, traditions and festivities, they have a unique and diferent worldview. Their religion and believes are in their daily life, in their identity, it is present in the individual and in the community way of thinking.
The tobacco plant is sacred for them, they use it in rituals, iniciations and festivities. “This tobacco is not good for us, our tobacco, the one that we use, its natural, it has no pesticides, it grows by its own, the earth gives it to us” says Mr. Alberto. He has come to cut tobacco leaves since he was 13, he is now 53, he comes from Santa Catarina, in Jalisco.