14 Dec AR_portfolio_19

22 OCT 2015. Ayen Majok Ariik (probably 15 years old) is delivering her first child at Healtlink (NGO) clinic. She is from a kettle camp and came to the facility with the ambulance. To assist her family members of the family of her husband. She had a long labour and the baby risked to asphyxiate. The midwife had to remove her placenta manually. Neither her nor the child would proabbly have survived without the support of pressionals. South-Sudan has of the highest child and maternal mortality rate in the world. 1 women out of 30 risks of dieing for reasons related to pregancy and delivering. 1 child out of 10 dies before reaching the age of 5 for reasons related to deseas easily preventable or curable; malnutrition is a key factor.