14 Dec AR_portfolio_16

19 OCT 2015. South-Sudan, Abuyung village, Lake State. A daughther of Adut Lueth, unknown age. Adut has 4 children, pregnant of the 5th, cleans the courtyard of her house. She was originially from Bor but was married to Bunagok. Her husband is a Brigadier General in Eastern Awerial of SPLA army. She doesnít remember when the husband last visited her. She delivered the night before our first visit and this time she is feeling some chest pain that never happened before. In 2008 she had an abortion of a two months and half baby. The first four kids were delivered at home but this time she wants to go to the facility as she will be given soap and other small things for the new born baby. She should deliver in one month. The husband regularly send money to her which is her main income to sustain the family; she has to travel to Mingkaman to collect the money (30 KM away). She works as well as she keeps some cows. She is happy to have a new kid.