2013 – Emerging – Justin Barton

Justin Barton “Atomic War in Details”

Barton’s work focuses primarily on personal history and heritage. His interests in photography are wide and varied, but his current specializations are architecture, interiors, portraiture and landscapes.

About the project he will pursue, using the Lucie Foundation’s support:
My series ‘Atomic War In Details’ is a comparison of the designs and engineering of nuclear weapons and facilities to expose the ethnological differences in the US and CIS/Soviet perspectives. The minutiae being symbolic of greater political meaning and a humanized perspective and palpability revealing our complacency in addressing an ongoing, if psychological, war.

These photographs are an invitation to wonder at the systems of mutual deterrent and examine the understated reality of the veneer that protects us from an apocalypse. Shot on an 8×10 inch large format camera, the details of the articles pictured expose the decades of use that they have received. The traces of the crews’ work remain as fingerprints of a history that was almost as secretive and unknown to their opposite numbers as to the rest of the world.

Shot on Wista 8×10 on Kodak 160nc.