2011 – Professional – Daria Tuminas

Daria Tuminas “Ivan and the Moon”

Ivan is the elder, he is 16. Andrey, nicknamed “Moon”, is the younger, 14 now. The two brothers live in a distant village in the northern part of Russia. They are not like city teenagers, with completely different moral values and a fairy tale world inside: they go hunting and fishing, can use a joiner’s chisel, play with ghosts in abandoned places, do not want to move to a city. Mature and childish. Naive and enigmatic. In this ongoing project I want to show something of the mysteriousness of these brothers’ world.

About the project she will create using the Lucie Foundation’s support:

Daria Tuminas will embark upon a twelve month project that focuses on eight different cities in Russia. The project will be entitled “Neither tail Nor Scale”. And she writes…:It has several meanings. First, it is the expression originally used by Russian fishermen to wish good luck before fishing, but it also can be used as a general wish of luck. Second, it describes the cities of my choice: they are not in a far end, tail of Russia, and they do not represent the whole scale of the country – I do not have pretensions to cover all the territory within one project. Third, it refers to saying “neither fish nor flesh” which totally describes the philosophy of these places”.