Open Date: November 1, 2011
Deadline: May 7, 2012
Shortlist Announcement: June 30, 2012
Final Announcement: July 1, 2012
Scholarship Awarded: October, 2012
(Lucie Week)

$25 application fee

Who Can Apply:
The APA / Lucie Foundation Scholarship is open to all professional photographers. Information can be found below.

How to Apply:
Electronic submissions are preferred but if you are unable to apply online, please send an email request for application here scholarship@luciefoundation.org.

What is Required to Apply: Please read the following information carefully to make sure your application material is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered:

1. Project Proposal. This proposal should include the following:
-Project Start and End Dates
-Desired Disbursement Dates (at least two)
-250 Word Description of your project
-Your Plan for completing the project (i.e. how you intend to approach the project and how you intend to use the scholarship money)
-Five Goals that you plan to accomplish while working on the project (e.g. producing 20 new images, making 5 prints, etc.).
2. A one-page biography and/or CV
3. Twenty digital images.

Please be sure to review these guidelines before applying. For questions or comments, please contact us at scholarship@luciefoundation.org


APA / Lucie Foundation Online Application

First Name
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Last Name
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Email Address
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Supplemental forms:
1. Project Proposal (.pdf or .doc)
2. Biography and/or CV (.pdf or .doc)

Be sure digital images are jpgs, sized at 800x600 pixels, or approximately 8 x 10 file size, 72 dpi screen viewing with a suggested color profile of Adobe RGB. Please make sure to adhere to file specifications or your application may be delayed or disqualified.

Image 1
Title/Image Info 1
Image 2
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Image 3
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Image 4
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Image 5
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Image 9
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Image 10
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Image 11
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Image 12
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Image 13
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Image 14
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Image 15
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Image 16
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Image 17
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Image 18
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Image 19
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Image 20
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By submitting these images, I declare that I am the creator and owner of these images.

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