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Gallery Editorial/Publishers

Marisa Cachiolo | ADC Contemporary Art Gallery

Kathleen Clark | Clark|Oshin Gallery
d.e.n. Contemporary
DRKRM Gallery
Hossein Farmani | Awards
Shelley de Soto | De Soto Gallery
Simmy Swinder | Carmichael Gallery
Edgar Varela Fine Arts

Steve Crist | Ammo Books
Chris Davies | Fabrik Magazine
Scott McKiernan | Zuma Press
Kathy Pyon | Los Angeles Times
Ben Zlotkin | Editon One Books

Photography Agents Curators/Consultants

Rhoni Epstein | Rhoni Epstein Photo Group

Jay Foster | Prettybird
Stephanie Godfrey | Elizabeth Poje + Associates
Jen Jenkins | Giant Artists
Leah Levine | L2 Agency, Inc.
Sherrie Berger | Scarlet Works
Leslie Burns | Burns Auto Parts Consulting
Picture Editor Other

Moira Haney | 2 Editors

Meredith Marlay (Previous Senior Photo Editor with CNN/TBS Inc., Director of Art & Media)

Susan Baraz | AtEdge
Ettore Zuccarelli (Former Executive Director of Photography for ABC Television)
Art Buyers + Producers

Natalie Fleming | 72 and Sunny

Kristina Hicks | Saatchi & Saatchi
Lisa Matthews | Team-One USA
Cindy Rowe | Saatchi & Saatchi










The Lucie Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, charitable foundation whose mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide.
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